May 19, 2024

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The documents needed for the rental agreement vary on different factors. However, it would help if we had some common and primary documents ready for the agreement of the Serviced office for rent (serviced office ให้ เช่า, which is the term in Thai). The essential documents required for the rental agreement are given below. All these documents ensure that you have a safe and secured agreement that will keep you both of the parties secured during the tenure period.

1. Lease Agreement

This is one of the most critical documents the renter and tenant will have.  The Lease agreement includes all the essential legal terms. Without this document, both parties are open to various expensive lawsuits. Ensure the lease agreement is well written and contains all the terms, conditions, regulations, and obligations in the prospect of both landlord and tenant.

2. Co-Signer Agreement

Generally, the younger tenants don’t have a solid rental history or credit score.  In that case, it could be challenging to determine whether they are responsible for paying off their rent on time. If the landlord agrees to rent their space to such a tenant, they ask for a co-signer for the lease agreement. In this case, the co-signer will take all the legal responsibilities without the tenant.

3. Welcome Letter

The welcome letter is a friendly greeting for the tenants containing the necessary information. The details written in the welcome letter are given there:

– Process of setting up all the utilities

– Everything about renter’s insurance

– Welcome to pick up the keys

– Using the laundry unit/room

The purpose of the welcome letter is to ease tenants’ transition and avail of the benefits. Like other landlord documents, you should also consider the rental regulations in your area to make sure the welcome us letter is written correctly.

4. Lease Renewal Paperwork

The lease renewal offers many benefits and saves time and money for the renter.

– It eliminates the cost of finding a new tenant

– Eliminates the vacant risk

– Eliminates the risk of incompatible tenants.

You can find many tenant renewal applications online and use one per your requirement.


All those mentioned above are the essential documents that you should have for a Serviced office for rent. You can get more information about it when you visit an attorney. They will properly guide you so both parties can be secured and safe during the tenure.

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