April 18, 2024

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You need to know that a bearing cage linear bushing SSR (รังลูกปืน Linear Bushing SSR, which is the term in Thai) is ideally a mechanical component that is generally used in different machines and mechanisms. This will help you reduce friction and guide the movement of different parts.

A bearing cage liner SSR is known as a liner bearing. It is a type of bearing that you can use to support and guide the liner motion of your machine components. These components generally include shafts or rods. It will help the components move smoothly with minimum friction.

Components Of The Bearing Cage Liner Bushing SSR

Outer Cylinder

It is the outermost part of the liner bushing. It generally helps you with stability and also helps you protect the inner components from contaminants.

Bearing Balls Or Rollers

They are generally small cylindrical components that roll between the inner and outer components. It will help you minimize friction and also allow smooth movement.


The cage will hold and separate the bearing balls or even the rollers. It will help you prevent them from touching one another and also keep them completely furnished for

End Seals

You must know that the end seals are used to protect the internal parts from dust and debris. It will extend the life of the liner bushing.

How Can A Bearing Cage Liner Bushing Ssr Work?

A bearing cage linear bushing SSR will work by providing a low friction pathway for your shaft to move in a straight line. Furthermore, you need to know that the bearing balls or the rollers will help you minimize the friction. This will allow the shaft to move really easily within the inner cylinder. So, the cage keeps the bearing balls or rollers evenly spaced. This will help you prevent them from bunching up and causing any uneven movement.


They are generally found in manufacturing equipment and other types of machinery to guide and support your moving elements. You can use liner bushings in the automotive industry, like steering systems and transmission components.

The bearings are used in aircraft for controlling movements of components, including flaps or landing gears. You can use the liner bushings in medical equipment like imaging machines, surgical tools, and others.

The liner bushings and robots can help you with precise and controlled movement. Proper maintenance is very important to ensure the longevity and efficiency of your bearing cage liner pushing SSR. You need to regularly inspect for wear and tear, clean them, and reapply lubrication whenever you need it.


A bearing kit liner bushing SSR is one of the most important elements in different machines. It minimizes friction, extends the life of your moving parts, and is also found in applications ranging from manufacturing to other medical devices. Proper selection, installation, and maintenance are very important to make the most of all these components.

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