May 21, 2024
Health Benefits Of Playing Table Tennis

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Table tennis is a fun way to spend an afternoon with family and offers surprising health benefits. Table tennis is great for aerobic exercise, socialising, and mental stimulation. However, the total risk for injury in Table tennis (เช่า โต๊ะ ปิงปอง, which is the term in Thai) is minimal, unlike in many other sports.

Table Tennis And Your Health

Table tennis has several positive effects on health, including:

Methods Of Enhancing Hand-Eye Coordination

Table tennis is a great way to sharpen your mind because it requires you to be alert and focused for long periods.

Reflex Training

  • This activity’s quick pace and short distances are great for developing large and small muscle groups.
  • It benefits both physical and emotional health by reducing stress
  • Nothing is better than smacking a Table Tennis ball to release the stress of living a normal life.
  • Taking out our anger on the ball is a great method to de-stress after a hard day at the office or to deal with any stress.

Our sole concentration during play is on making solid contact with the ball and scoring more points than the other team. A game of Table Tennis can help us get some mental space. By focusing all our attention on the game at hand, we can temporarily set aside any concerns and escape from the match in much better spirits.

Soothing To The Arthritic Limbs

  • Those who have had knee or back surgery or are bored of bending their ankles while playing other sports can find relief in table tennis.
  • It’s a calorie burner
  • Gym, not your thing? You may give table tennis a shot. It’s a simple and enjoyable approach to weight loss.

The Sport Is Played In Groups

The benefits of socialising to one’s mental health cannot be overstated. The more interconnected the world becomes through technology, the more isolated people feel. Table tennis is a great method to disconnect from technology and build rapport with your opponent.

Maintains Mental Acuity

Due to its high aerobic value, its utilisation of both the upper and lower body, and its benefits for eye-hand coordination and reflexes, table tennis has been dubbed “the world’s best brain sport”. Playing table tennis requires using numerous brain regions concurrently, as players must keep track of the ball, prepare shots and strategy, and calculate spins.

Dementia Therapy Using Table Tennis

The Sport and Art Educational Foundation launched a table tennis therapy programme for older adults with dementia and Alzheimer’s five years ago. Table tennis engages multiple brain regions at once, invigorating one’s general state of consciousness.

Stability Is Enhanced

Maintaining your equilibrium while making sudden directional changes is essential for winning at table tennis. Playing more often will help you develop a better sense of balance.


You may improve your strength, speed, and agility by playing table tennis without putting yourself in danger. Table tennis offers all the health benefits of a sport without the risk of harm, although each year, millions of people suffer life-altering injuries while participating in sports.

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