April 23, 2024
Everything You Need To Know About New Rolex Watches

The present year marks the 60th anniversary of one of the most anticipated watches in the history of humanity: the Daytona. It was assumed that something special would be made to commemorate the event, and it ended up being some minor but significant adjustments.

Discussing Rolex’s most recent innovative endeavors wouldn’t be complete without addressing the complex issue of obtaining new novelties. This year saw the beginning of Rolex’s certified secondhand business. Giving it authority over a portion of its market for secondhand watches. It remains to be seen what effect this has on the likelihood that someone without an authorized dealer on their phone can obtain a piece.

In The Year 2023, Rolex Will Raise The Cost Of Its Watches

The news that New Rolex (Rolex รุ่น ใหม่, which is the term in Thai) would be raising prices in 2023 may not be welcome to us. There’s too much demand for these timepieces not to. It’s also important to consider that Rolex cannot afford to ignore the rising labor, materials, and transportation prices, which have all climbed over the past few years.

The Availability Of Rolex Authorised Dealers Will Be Better

In 2023, Rolex will make more watches available in their retail stores due to reduced authorized dealer networks and increased production expenditures. It is fantastic news when you reside in a place with one or more Rolex authorized dealers. However, you could be disappointed if the closest one is just an hour away.

The New Rolex Timepieces For 2023 Will Be Accessible

It has been a dreadful practice for watch companies, like Rolex, to announce new timepieces and then wait six months for them to arrive in shops. We anticipate that Rolex will quickly start flooding its authorized dealers with the fresh 2023 watches once their introduction, as manufacturing has stabilized and, in some cases, even risen.

If you listen up, Rolex does take community feedback seriously. Their strategic choices in the past two years to combat the illegal marketplace are great. The Rolex audience has highlighted concerns about the lackluster lag between debut and access, so we included this in our Rolex 2023 predictions.

Pricing For Used Rolex Will Drop In 2023

It is not impossible to anticipate a fall in the pre-owned Rolex watch market if nations continue to deteriorate. As interest rates rise, a global trend toward spending reduction will inevitably lead to a decrease in luxury items. It is positive. A correction is necessary because the secondhand Rolex marketplace has gotten out of control. Anticipate that the cost of a secondhand Rolex will keep going down in 2023.

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