April 17, 2024

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What Is Wine?

Wine is a kind of alcoholic beverage prepared with fermented grapes. It is made of pure grapes, so it’s a bit costly. Now, there are a few cheap ones. The one will taste so good that we can’t feel the smoothness and aroma of it. So Wine storage (การ เก็บ ไวน์, which is the term in Thai) is generally seen in vineyards where they are stored in bottles and kept for months to ferment those grapes.

How Are Wines Stored?

So, to prepare the best wine, you need to keep the bottles far away from sunlight. Not only sunlight but if your house is too humid, it will also affect the quality of your wine. It is better to keep them in a cool and dry place. If you are skeptical about keeping wine in fridges, there is no need to worry about that; it will keep it fair. Try to keep it shorter, as it will degrade its quality.

Most importantly, try to keep the bottle horizontally; this will help keep the cork moist, as the dried cork will spoil the taste of the wine. Once a glass of wine is poured, it’s best to recork it immediately to maintain its flavour and taste for a while.

What Are The Few Things To Remember?

Wine storage is a simple task; you need to look after a few things to enjoy this beverage:

– Firstly, sudden temperature changes can affect your wine, as too hot or freezing is not suitable for wines. So, always try to maintain the temperature within 15 -18 degrees.

– Secondly, placing the wine bottle correctly is essential to prevent the air from entering the bottle. Wine should touch the cork and not be kept vertically; otherwise, the cork will get dried and degrade the quality of the wine.

– Thirdly, Most of us had the wrong conception that keeping the wine for a more extended period will help enhance its taste. All wines can’t be stored for a longer period. Few grape varieties have less storage capacity, as after a few months, their taste wears away, so it’s better to consume them within time rather than making them stale.


Wine has many health benefits, so it depends upon how you store it, which will help keep it fresh. Before purchasing wine, try to know a little about what to buy and how to keep it.

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